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  New Mexico Bowhunter's Association, over 50 years of New Mexico Archery
The NMBA was founded in the kitchen of Mr. Jim Simmons (NMBA HoF 1997). The NMBA was created to help promote hunting in New Mexico while providing NFAA Shoots. We are the governing body of the National Field Archery Association in New Mexico.

NMBA is on the Web

The New Mexico Bowhunter's Association board of directors have authorized the creation of this web site. If you CLICK HERE , you will be routed to the National Field Archery Association web site to register as a member.

Time to get ready for Grand Field

So, you have all had the chance to shoot outside, now to finish strong. Grand Field is being held July 14 and 15. Please check here for location as the forest surrounding the Sandia Crest Bowhunters Range is closed and the club has imposed a voluntary range closure due to the fires. They are waiting to see if the rains may improve conditions. If there is no change, then the Grand Field will relocate to the San Juan Archer's range. Please watch emails and the website for more information.

Also, there will be the election of a new NMBA President.

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