New NMBA Bowhunting Conservation Director

Gerry Johnson is now the NMBA Bowhunting Conservation Director.

If you have any animals that have been scored by an official Pope and Young or Boone and Crocket and was taken using archery gear, please contact Gerry and send a copy of the score sheet.

You can reach Gerry using the following methods:

Home Phone: (505) 325-9098
Cell Phone: (505) 801-2451

Gerry has been active many years with the San Juan Archers, Four Corners Bowhunters, and the NMBA. He has havested many animals and worked with our Habitat Stamp Improvement Programs. He is familiar with the Game and Fish Procedures as well.


In the next few months, he will be publishing our state bowhunting records.

Game and Fish Department Updates

Here are updates from the Ruidoso Game and Fish Commission meeting held October 28, 2010.

1.  Increase in the number of tags for all bear hunts statewide.  It is an increase of 10% in the number of tags.

2.  Cougar hunt should be 900 tags statewide.  Increased from 740 tags last year.

3.  Mandatory Cougar identification on-line course for all cougar hunters starting 2011.

4.  Deer Hunt Changes
          Unit 51 - It will become a "split" unit with a 51A and 51B for hunters to apply for in 2011.

5.  Antelope Hunt Changes
          Pending:  December 6th Game Commission will convene for changes to the land owner permits process.

6.  There will be a change for special hunts application fees for the 2011 seasons.
          a.  Resident from $10 to $8.
          b.  Non-resident from $27 to $20

7.  Habitat Stamp and HUMAV Fee to be included in all Hunting and Fishing Licenses rather than purchased separately as in years past.  This will begin in the 2011 - 2012 physical year applications.

8.  The Habitat Stamp (SIKES Act for New Mexico) has been extended for 10 more years starting in 2012.

Oficial Pope and Young Scorers Needed

If you know of any Pope and Young scorers, please contact Gerry and give him their contact information. The more scorers, the better our book will be.

NMBA Bowhunting Record Book

If you have harvested a Pope and Young animal in the state of New Mexico and have a copy of your score sheet, get it to Gerry along with $2.50 made out to Gerry Johnson. This is for processing and printing fees.

Deadline for submission will be March 31 of each year. The book will be printed after that time. Please submit any of your animals ASAP so that Gerry can get to work on the Record Book.

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